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Seminars, keynotes and workshops
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Our strategists are frequent speakers at seminars, conferences, trainings and events in Belgium and abroad. An ideal moment to watch them work their magic and interact with them in person. Don't hessitate and register a seat in your area and discover how our speakers help you improve your image.

date seminar language organisation location
07 Oct 2015 Career Branding voor studenten NL Tracé Brussel Brussel
28 Sep 2015 KMO Branding voor fotografen NL Studio VZW Edegem
28 Sep 2015 Personal Branding voor fotografen NL Studio VZW Edegem
21 Sep 2015 KMO Branding NL Plato Zwevegem
18 Sep 2015 Startup branding case: A-Petite NL JCI Aalst
17 Sep 2015 Perceptiemarketing NL Digiti Herentals
29 Aug 2015 Perceptiemarketing NL JCI Leuven
16 Dec 2014 Branding case: Brussels Airport NL STIMA Mechelen
27 Nov 2014 Netwerken: 1+1=3 NL JCI Sint-Niklaas
25 Nov 2014 Personal branding NL Voka Hasselt
18 Nov 2014 Uw KMO, uw merk NL Cevora Kasterlee
21 Oct 2014 Personal Branding voor ondernemers NL Unizo Grobbendonk
20 Sep 2014 Netwerken: 1+1=3 NL JCI Luik
03 Jul 2014 Summer educational: perception marketing EN Toastmasters Antwerpen
25 Jun 2014 Interne communicatie NL Voka Antwerpen
25 Jun 2014 Personal branding voor young professionals NL IFMA Leuven
13 Jun 2014 You are your brand EN JCI Malta
06 Dec 2014 Dag van de verkoper: onvoorbereid spreken, de kunst van het spontaan zijn NL Cevora Gent
05 Jun 2014 Augmenter son impact commercial grâce au branding FR Cefora Louvain-La-Neuve
20 May 2014 Dag van de verkoper: onvoorbereid spreken, de kunst van het spontaan zijn NL Cevora Zoersel

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Looking for a specialized, experienced and interactive speaker for your next seminar, conference of event? Our strategists and consultants are practised and renomated keynote speakers who animate the entire audience from the start. Feel free to choose from a wide range of topics, such as (personal) branding, marketing, etiquette, communication, body language, social media, image and perception; or work out a topic of your choice with us. Contact us for detailed conditions and rates.