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Verbeeck + Ujvari brand strategists

A strong and visible brand promise
thanks to strong and visible human capital

Traditionally, your corporate brand image was the responsibility of the marketing department. Today, your staff as well as your human resources policy play an ever more important role in how your target audience perceives you. Verbeeck + Ujvari bridges the gap between marketing and HR, helping your human capital become ambassadors for your brand with well-tried training sessions and workshops that focus on personal branding, raising the visibility of talent and evangelism.
We help personal brands become ambassadors for themselves and the corporate brand they represent.

Personal branding

  • positioning & architecture
  • consumer psychology
  • mission, vision, brand story
  • customer journey mapping
  • competitor studies
  • target audience analysis

Career branding

  • logo & identity design
  • brand naming
  • stakeholder workshops
  • rebranding analysis
  • trademark deposits
  • brand manuals
  • market implementation

Leadership branding

  • marketing planning
  • perception marketing
  • creative briefings
  • campaign coordination
  • (online) content marketing
  • retail marketing
  • public relations


  • identity monitoring
  • marketing advice
  • mystery shopping
  • training & workshops
  • training & workshops

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